Online Classes

Welcome to our newly launched online classes!
We are partnering up with some of our favorite teachers to bring you all types/levels of yoga classes that you can practice with anytime, anywhere.  We’re all about mindful movement and building your way up to poses step by step - so we will be using lots of props to honor this philosophy.
We are SO excited to share this new adventure with you.  And it’s absolutely free because we want EVERYONE to have access to the knowledge and talent of these incredible teachers.
Just pick the class that suits your mood….grab your mat and props….and enjoy!!
More classes coming soon!!
Yoga Hustle xx
Level 1 Restorative
Caroline Smith
Restore and rejuvenate with this supported practice leading to the yummiest relaxation pose.
Level 2 Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel)
Caroline Smith
Build up to the peak pose (Urdhva Dhanurasana - Wheel) in a thoughtful sequence designed around this big backbend and heart opener.
Level 1/2 Gentle Flow
Caroline Smith
Working through the ‘classics’ in a flow style with particular attention to alignment and creating more space.