About Us

I love yoga. I love everything about it. I love feeling present in my body. I love finding focus on my mat. I love being in class and feeling the collective energy.

BUT - I also love cleanliness. And - I am all about hygiene. I remember my very first yoga class. The teacher instructed everyone to grab two blocks, a strap and a blanket. I followed the group and was horrified by the dirty and sweaty state of the studio props. I noticed everyone was hunting for the "cleanest" props they could find. I joined in reluctantly - with very little success.

And so began my daily ritual. Get to class and dig around for props that were the least sweat drenched from the previous user. Then feel dread when the teacher instructed me to place my forehead on a wet block. Or wrap a cold and clammy strap around my foot. I learned quickly that props were essential to a safe and enjoyable yoga practice - but found myself distracted in class because I was figuring out ways I could avoid touching the dirty props.  

I decided it was time to stop the madness. I tried bringing my own block, but between that, my mat, my strap, my towel and my water bottle...I was always dropping something. And I looked and felt like a mess. So, I invented my own solution: the Hustler Sling. An innovative way to carry all of my OWN yoga props to class easily - and hands free. No more dirty studio props. Phew.

I then turned my attention to designing a collection of accessories that felt luxurious and contemporary. I wanted to look at props adorned with bold prints.  Sorry lotus flowers and peace signs - my eye was craving something different. I wanted the Hustler Sling to feel like the handbag I take out on the town. So, I opted for beautiful leather and canvas. Sorry sports utility nylon - that won't do it for me.

I believe that your yoga practice should feel special in every way. And it should be YOUR practice. OWN YOUR PRACTICE.

With Love,

Yoga Hustle

Venice, California